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Portland Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Is your Portland business or home being affected by water damage? We’re here to help. We are available for all of your water damage restoration needs. For a Free Evaluation Call (503) 850-0521 Right Now.

You might be surprised at all the various sources of water damage in a business or home. After working with Multnomah County, Oregon families for many years we have seen the destructive effects that water damage can have. Obviously flooding and storms are the first thing you think of when you think about water damage. Your home appliances are much more likely to be the culprit than mother nature. Anything from your dishwasher or washing machine to a sink or toilet getting clogged can quickly cause damage.

Possible Water Damage Causes

  • Backed up sewage and septic tank lines
  • Overflowing bathtubs, sinks or toilets
  • Flash Floods or Monsoons
  • An overflowing washing machine
  • Frozen or leaking water pipes
  • Rising rivers or streams
Portland Water Damage Repair & Restoration
Portland Water Damage Repair & Restoration
Portland Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Restoration Water Damage Experts

Water damage is often upsetting. It is more often than not an unanticipated event. Certified professionals are the remedy for many of the problems that remain after your personal belongings have been soaked. You may ask yourself why professional assistance is necessary. The answer is simple, because specialists are trained in how to find and cope with contaminants such as mold. Mold and mildew that remains after water has entered a home is not only aesthetically displeasing; it can cause health problems for those who live there. This is why it is so important to locate all traces of mold, because the spores can easily spread all over the home and create a much bigger issue.

A slow drip from a damaged water pipe that goes unnoticed anywhere in your home can lead to the devastating effects of mold. Our group of specialists can stop mold from growing through out your home or even office. We know what to try to look for, and how to clean it properly when we find it.

The technicians here at Steve’s Home Restoration are equipped with high tech water and moisture detection equipment for use in any circumstance. With the assistance of these tools our professionals are able to use their experience to locate the water, determine the quantity, and determine a plan of action to remove it. The moment the water location is determined, we initiate the extraction and remediation process.

Portland Water Damage Repair

As soon as the evaluation is completed, it’s time to remove all of the water in the commercial building or residence. With a high-powered truck mounted extraction device, our tech will completely eliminate any water that can lead to potential water damage and mold. We also have portable devices for extraction when we’re working on multi-story buildings.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Protecting against structural damage is our top priority, but we also are aware of the possibility of further water damage, mold and mildew. To this end, it is essential that the property is thoroughly dried out, and that no dampness persists. We use a wide range of tools and equipment to guarantee that everything is dry before initiating the water damage restoration work. With our powerful dehumidifying and specialized drying gear, Steve’s techs can handle any sized water damage problem.

As soon as we’re certain that every drop of water has been eliminated from your property, we will begin the restoration process. As soon as a strategy is determined, you’ll be notified of the anticipated completion time and the severity of the damage. Our team of experts are committed to ensuring your water damage issues are resolved quickly. We’ll work day and night, and do whatever is necessary to complete the job as soon as possible.

We Deal With Your Insurance Company

After a water damage disaster on your home or office you probably have plenty of questions. You may think it won’t be possible to repair you home to the way it was. Chances are the cost of the restoration process is also on your mind. Are you going to be compensated by your insurance for the damages?

The water damage experts at Steve’s may have the answers that you are seeking. While we might not have all the answers, we will be happy to answer as many questions as possible. We are also well-versed in the insurance claim process. We can help streamline the process so we can begin repairing your property asap. After you inform your insurer of your claim we will work with them directly to take the burden off you. We know that coping with water damage in your home can be distressing enough without having to cope with difficult insurance procedures. This is exactly why we do as much as we possibly can to make your claims process run efficiently. We do our best to reduce your stress as much as we possibly can.

We Document Every Step of Process

We work with your insurance carrier, and recognize the necessity of documenting every step of the process. We provide comprehensive documentation of our repair work. You will also be provided with all of the information on what wasn’t salvageable, and what you will need to claim through your insurance policy.

The crew at Steve’s Home Restoration is here to help. We can determine the damage and help you plan out the restoration process one step at a time. After we have assessed the damage, we will provide a free quote. We recognize how upsetting damage to your property or home can be. Our team is here to provide you with water damage restoration services. We’re proud to serve business and homeowners in the Portland area, are are insured and licensed in Multnomah County, Oregon. Contact us today at (503) 850-0521 to begin restoring your home or property back to its original condition!

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Steve's Home Restoration is proud to serve home and business owners in the Greater Portland area, and we're licensed and insured for the entire state of Oregon. If you need to return your home or property back to the way it was, you should give us a call today at (503) 850-0521.

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