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Has your McMinnville home or office experienced damage? Are you currently in need of restoration service providers? Call us today at (503) 850-0521, and we’ll provide you with free, no obligation estimate.

One of the worst enemies of your investment is water, fire, storm, and flood damage. Your residential or commercial property represents a serious financial investment on your part, so you must preserve its integrity. However, when you attempt to take care of fire and water restoration tasks on your own, you could be placing your investment at risk.

You Have To Protect Your Investment

If you don’t have experience in damage restoration, and, the state-of-the-art tools and technology, it is extremely unlikely you’ll be able to contain, and, fix the problem properly. Disregarding water damage to your home or business is a bad idea. No matter what property damage you are currently coping with Steve’s Home Restoration is comprised of professional restoration experts that are knowledgeable in all aspects of fire, water, mold and flood damage repair.

Luckily the majority of business owners and homeowners have never experienced property damage or needed to seek the services of a restoration expert. This is why they are oblivious to the fact that the cleaning process required for water, fire, flood, or mold damage are distinct and highly technical. When searching for a damage restoration company your best option is to choose a company like Steve’s with a proven track record of success, and wide range of cleaning and repair techniques.

Damage Restoration McMinnville Oregon
Damage Restoration McMinnville Oregon
Damage Restoration McMinnville Oregon

McMinnville Damage Restoration Services:

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is the most frequent damage to a residence. It comes from plumbing leaks, sewage backups, tub, shower, toilet, or sink overflow. Severe weather also can cause water damage. Water damage has to be resolved swiftly to prevent additional damage and mold. Find out more about how we fix it for you.

If you don’t deal with water damage as soon as possible, the damage to the interior of your home or office can be catastrophic.

Steve’s Home Restoration professionals can be there quickly to start draining the water straight away, helping you avoid the most severe water damage. At Steve’s our professionals eat, sleep, and breathe water damage restoration. We are 100% certified, licensed, and prepared to handle any job nature throws their way.

Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Repair

A fire can not only damage your property it can have a huge impact on your life. Even if your business or home has encountered a relatively small amount of fire damage, your carpets and walls can still suffer lasting damage. When it comes to fire damage it is crucial to hire a damage restoration expert to repair and clean up the damage. Our professional cleanup crew will evaluate the extent of the damage and determine what household items can and cannot be preserved. Ventilating the area and extracting the standing water are the first steps of our process. We also pack, inventory and cover any of your personal items that are salvageable.

We provide a full list of services to get your home or office restored and back to its previous condition. Our fire damage repair services include demolition and cleanup, deodorization of fire and soot odors, smoke cleanup and repair.

People have the tendency to underestimate the damage that can be brought about by smoke. When the wall surfaces in your office or home suffer smoke damage you will see yellow and black spots throughout your home, and potentially structural damage within the support. Fire damage is difficult to clean off of walls so it is recommended that the walls either be replaced or repaired in specific parts. The materials that your walls are constructed from can have a huge impact on the cost to repair. We work with your insurance company to handle your damages and enable you to avoid any out of pocket expenses.

Damage Restoration McMinnville Oregon
Damage Restoration McMinnville Oregon
Damage Restoration McMinnville Oregon

Mold Remediation

We know mold can seriously damage your property, but more importantly it can cause damage to your health. If not dealt with, mold exposure can result in chronic illness and even death.

It takes a trained expert to identify the presence of mold, and to evaluate the potential risk. Contaminated areas can also be isolated and tested for your peace of mind.

Flood & Storm Damage Repair

When it comes to insurance claims, property damage from severe weather is the most prevalent cause. Hail, wind, lightening, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and even heavy snow can cause severe damage to roofs and building materials. You obviously want to avoid future damage, it is vital to initiate the damage restoration procedure at once. Boarding up and tarping areas of your property that have been damaged are a few actions that we take to avoid further damage. Storm damage to your property necessitates the services of a storm damage expert.

Following a severe storm there are a number of things that you should know in order to stay safe. Make sure to check for downed electric lines and other electrical hazards near pooling water. Also be aware of any sharp objects that may also be undetectable under debris and in the flood waters. If your home is severely flooded you should keep your distance until a professional can assist you.

Steve’s Home Restoration is here to help. We can determine the damage and plan the repair process one step at a time. We will also provide a free quote so that you can understand all the associated costs. We appreciate how overwhelming damage to your house can be. We’re here to provide you with fire, smoke damage, water, flood, and mold removal restoration solutions. Even more importantly, we’re licensed and insured in Yamhill County, Oregon, and available to service both business and home owners in the Mcminnville area. Contact us today at (503) 850-0521 to begin getting your property or home back to its original condition!

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Damage Restoration McMinnville Oregon
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